We use the regenerative method of mob grazing for all our pastured beef. In its simplest form, this kind of grazing means we move the cattle every day to a new strip of grass. Mob grazing is beneficial to all—the land, the animals, and the people.

How is this technique good for the land? The quick trampling and long rest periods excite the microbes and allow the land to regenerate.

How is mob grazing good for the animals? The animals are allowed to eat just the most nutritious part of the plants before moving on, and the longer rest periods of the land suppress parasites.

How is this technique good for the people? One benefit is that grass-fed beef tends to be higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally raised beef.

Our pastured beef are never given growth hormones or preventative antibiotics.

Purchase beef by the half or whole. $4.00 per pound (hanging weight) plus processing fees. Our beef is processed at Dave’s Meat Cuts & Deer Processing in Scottville, MI, or Ebels Meat Processing in Falmouth, MI. (You choose the processor.) To give you an idea of the cost breakdown, a recent beef half cost us $1,320 hanging weight (330 lb.) + $260 processing fees at Ebels.

One half available in July 2024.

Two available in October 2024.