We sell pigs by the half or whole, $3.50 per pound (hanging weight) plus processing fees. To give a cost estimate: A half pig typically weighs about 80-90 lbs., so it costs approximately $300 for a half hog, plus processing (about $75-$100).

You may choose your processor: Dave’s Meat Cuts and Deer Processing in Scottville, MI, or Ebels Meat Processing in Falmouth, MI.

Two pigs available in early November of 2024.

Our happy hogs are fed extra vegetables from our garden, skim milk from our dairy animals, food scraps, and non-GMO grains. Since 2021, our happy hogs are even happier, since they were given a larger woodsy area with more room to roam on the farm.

2021 piggies playing in the new wooded area. They love their spacious “playground”!
Just rootin’ around in the ground