We sell pigs by the half or whole, $3.25 per pound (hanging weight) plus processing fees. To give a cost estimate: A half pig typically weighs about 80-90 lbs., so it costs approximately $275 for a half hog, plus processing (about $75-$100).

You may choose your processor: Dave’s Meat Cuts and Deer Processing in Scottville, MI, or Ebels Meat Processing in Falmouth, MI.

Only 2 pigs left for fall of 2023. Order yours today!

Our happy hogs are fed extra vegetables from our garden, skim milk from our dairy animals, food scraps, and non-GMO grains. Beginning in 2021, our happy hogs will be even happier, since they will be given a large pasturing area with more room to roam on the farm.

2021 piggies playing in the new wooded area. They love their spacious “playground”!
Just rootin’ around in the ground