Our meat birds are pasture-raised and are also offered non-GMO feed as needed. If the number of chicks we have brought home from the hatchery is smaller, we like to put the chicks under a broody hen on the farm. The hen then adopts the chicks and teaches them how to find food, dust bathe, and live a normal chicken life. Yes, this method does take longer for the little chicks to grow up, but they can run like other chickens (unlike conventionally raised meat birds) when they are fully grown. Also, we’ve noticed there are fewer problems with lameness, lack of feathers, and breast blisters—all common issues with conventionally raised meat chickens—when growing up with an adopted mother hen. Larger batches of chicks miss out on the adoption process but still enjoy a life of freedom (excluding our front yard flower gardens)–feasting and foraging in the fresh air!

Some of our pastured chickens enjoying their freedom and fresh air, while feasting and foraging

Chickens are sold whole and frozen. $4.00 per pound. When ordering, please specify whether you’d prefer a 3-4 lb. or 5-6 lb. chicken.